The Institute of Contemporary History (IHC) is a research unit of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the New University of Lisbon, evaluated by FCT, which is dedicated to the study, training and dissemination on subjects of Contemporary History in general, and of the Contemporary History of Portugal in particular (

IHC, in collaboration with various institutions, is promoting a number of initiatives on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Great War by focusing, in particular, on the Portuguese involvement, and on the impact of the First World War in Portugal.

IHC is promoting, among other activities, a project called Memories of World War I 1914-1918 (órias-da-I-Guerra-Mundial-1914-1918/185749874875651) in close cooperation with the Europeana Foundation,

This project is aimed at collecting and disseminating testimonies related to the participation of Portugal in the Great War.

The identification and dissemination of materials, reports, memories, image reproductions, documents and objects, as well as the stories associated with them, is essential for the further study of World War I in general and, in particular, to analyze and understand the importance of the conflict in our country .

History is made up by men, including their individual and collective dimensions. With this project we intend to acknowledge the stories of those who went to war, and of those who stayed behind, their families, life paths, and legacies.
The knowledge, study and dissemination of different contents, including diaries, letters, postcards, photographs and maps, but also paintings, films and music, therefore constitutes a valuable contribution to our knowledge on the involvement of Portugal in World War I and its impact in the country, thus providing a significant contribution to historical awareness.
With this in mind, we seek your collaboration in order to study and disclose, in a general way, both considering national and international stages, through objects, documents and testimonies, the history of the Portuguese participation in the Great War and the impact and the memory of this conflict that was so remarkable for the history of the world and of our own country.

Maria Fernanda Rollo
Institute of Contemporary History
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the
New University of Lisbon

Research and texts by:

Afonso da Silva Maia
Ana Carina Azevedo
Ana Dâmaso da Silva
Ana Paula Pires
Ana Prata
Ângela Salgueiro
Carlos Alves Lopes
Carlos Silveira
Diogo Ferreira
Eunice Relvas
Fátima Mariano
João Moreira Tavares
José Luís Assis
Margarida Magalhães Ramalho
Margarida Portela
Margarida Schiappa
Maria Fernanda Rollo
Maria Inês Queiroz
Maria Máxima Vaz
Mariana Castro
Martim Arinto
Paulo Costa
Pedro Cerdeira
Rodrigo Martins



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