World War I provided a defining moment, as it brought about a significant breach in the course of the contemporary history of Europe and the world, whose lasting and disturbing effects permeated, marked and determined the history of Portugal very significantly. On the eve of its 100th anniversary, in 2014, it is appropriate to identify these impacts, consequences, and legacies, not only in Portugal, but also throughout the World. Among many other aspects, it is important to remember that between 1914 and 1918 more than 100 000 Portuguese soldiers went to war. They fought in Africa and in Flanders, with nearly 40 000 casualties. Almost 8000 men died, many others were wounded; 6000 were reported missing and more than 7000 were taken prisoner...

The Portugal 1914 web portal, promoted by the Institute of Contemporary History (IHC) of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of UNL, in association and with the collaboration of several institutions, is part of a plural and diverse program dedicated to the evocation of the 100th anniversary of the War. It aims to create a space of reflection and sharing in order to stimulate the study and dissemination of the knowledge on the history and the legacy of World War I, benefiting from the collaboration of a great diversity of institutions (archives, libraries, universities, museums, schools, municipalities), and people of diverse backgrounds in terms of training and professional expertise, as well as the general public. This program aims to promote active citizenship that is committed to the protection, preservation and safeguarding of a collective heritage.

Project Portugal 1914 aims to raise awareness among the general population of the importance of remembrance and the preservation of historical knowledge. Innovation can only be sought, moreover, through dialog with the past, the promotion of debate and scientific dissemination, and bearing in mind the new socio-cultural practices and needs, from a perspective of active historical continuity, and through the establishment of a dialogue between past, present and future, in a conscious and committed way.
The study of the history and the impact of the Great War in Portugal, involving a collective project that is open to the participation of the general population, will certainly provide an invaluable contribution to the integrity of the memory of the Portuguese participation in the 1914-1918 conflict, an integral part of our national identity.

Maria Fernanda Rollo
Institute of Contemporary History
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the
New University of Lisbon

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Research and texts by:

Afonso da Silva Maia
Ana Carina Azevedo
Ana Dâmaso da Silva
Ana Paula Pires
Ana Prata
Ângela Salgueiro
Carlos Alves Lopes
Carlos Silveira
Eunice Relvas
Fátima Mariano
João Moreira Tavares
José Luís Assis
Margarida Magalhães Ramalho
Margarida Portela
Maria Fernanda Rollo
Maria Inês Queiroz
Maria Máxima Vaz
Paulo Costa


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